Modern Art

Art changes every second of every day and there are so many different kinds of art. Our favorite is Modern Art .

Modern Art encompasses so many artistic works as early as 1800s to the 1970s, which denotes the style of the era. Modern Art has become a form of expression for the artists on how they see the world. Modern Art is usually associated with past traditions that hadn’t been used and are now due to experimentation.

Modern Artists play around with different ways and fresh ideas about nature and new resources that use the functions of the art. Like other art works as Contemporary and Postmodern Art these are very different then what you’ll see in an Modern Art museum.

Modern Art started with the art works of Paul Cezanne, George Seurat and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec all of which were very important to the start of of the modern art culture. As time went on and moving forward into the early 20th century, in came the artists  Vincent van Gogh, Maurice de Vlaminck – taking Paris by storm with their extreme colors and wonderful landscapes and the finger paintings that were called “Fauvism”.

Art work like “The Blooming Plum tree”, Courtesan, Portrait of Pere Tanguy by Vincent van Gogh are revolutionary to the world and what it stands for today to see the amazing pieces of the work then and now.

There are some pieces of art where if you stand back you will be mesmerized by its color, strokes, and even its amazing detail in the art. As time goes by and years pass, the art changes and then you notice a difference in the type of people now paying attention to different types of art, which is a great thing. Modern Art is important to keep around with out it there would be a lot of history missing today because Modern Art is history and every piece is tells a story.

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