Recent Art Movements

Since the modern art movement has begun, there have been several sub movements within that category of art. It has been over 100 years since the dawn of modern art and the scene is constantly changing and art has changed with the times.

One of the most famous forms of art and the start of modern art is impressionism. This form of painting started in France at the end of the 19th century as artists sought to capture color and light rather than form and perfection. This is the reason that many impressionist paintings are of outdoor scenes or of vibrant subjects. It’s typical for this type of painting to not have borders or clearly defined lines. Up close, this type of painting might not makes sense – from afar, you can really take it in.

Post impressionism movement isn’t necessarily a movement but more a collection of artists seeking to define their own style. For example, Seurat painted impressionist paintings using no brush strokes, only dots.

Fauvism, from the beginning of the 20th century, is impressionist paintings with exaggerated colors and over simplified lines. The purpose is said to be that the artists feelings are more important that the actual subject of the painting. And, at times, these paintings look amateur but they are painted by a master.

Expressionism is all about expression while still embodying impressionism. In these paintings, you will find emotion and spiritual  portrayals of the world.

The abstract art movement is the art of abstraction. In art, this means that something is withdrawn in order to consider is as something different. To a painter, this means that the shape, tone, pattern, form, or lines are withdrawn from the subjects.

Cubism started around 1907 with Picasso and Braque. Coming from abstract art, this form of art shows you many points of view at the same time. This form of art is meant to show the energy that the subject may be showing but it’s only possible to effectively show that by showing all of it.

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