How to frame your art!

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How To Frame Art
However good a particular art can be, if it is not framed then it will surely be lacking something very good. Framing art gives it that extra taste which make the art more adorable and attractive to not just the artist but also to other people viewing it. It is therefore important as an artist to know on the best way and steps that can help you frame your art. This is why i will take you through these steps and show you how framing of art can be done.
Step 1. Find a frame in which your art will fit. You will have to measure the dimensions of your artwork then go searching for the right size of the frame that will perfectly fit without the art being tampered with. You will not just look for a fitting art but you should also look for a frame that will match the art well in terms of design and the color of the frame.

Step 2. Take your art and pair it with a mat that is composed of another material which should be acid free. This material mainly serves the purpose of preventing the art from coming into direct contact with the glass. You are advised to select a material of good texture and color and not necessarily white color. You should be careful to select a texture and color that will help your artwork standout without interfering with it because e.g some textures can make your art appear faded while others will help the art be more attractive.

Step 3. Attach the artwork to the frame and place the glass on top of the frame. Hold the art in place with use of an acid free type of tape and then tape the artwork on the back of the mat gently. It is not a must you use glass because some arts containing e.g charcoal when framed behind glass they are affected by static electricity. Therefore you can also use an acrylic surface.

Step 4. In this step you just simply you attach the glass on top of the frame you have chosen and then you take the art that you have just matted in step 3 then place it behind the frame.

Step 5. This is the final step where you are just sealing the artwork at the back with a backboard which just like the tape, it should be acid free. The backboard could also have tabs which will further help to hold the back of mat in place.

With these steps you should therefore be in a position to do your framing well and so you can make your artworks look more attractive. Try it and you will be impressed by the results.

Art Auctions

art auction

There are many possible choices available lately if you are a contemporary art collector. Whether or not on-line or offline, depending for your budget and preferences, there are a large number of puts the place you’ll be able to purchase contemporary artwork

If you’re a significant up to date artwork collector, pay a seek advice from to your native wonderful art public sale house. They on a regular basis have a schedule of the checklist of contemporary artwork to be auctioned on any day as well as a few historical past knowledge at the art items being auctioned.

If you should not have the funds or can’t in finding an art auction space near your neighbourhood, get on-line and there are also many sites offering a wide range contemporary art auctions.

There are lots of artwork galleries who’ve taken their art pieces online to assist folks make a decision whether or not a selected style of recent art suits them. Just search for art galleries on google raise nearly one thousand different art galleries from world wide showing their contemporary artwork collections.

Any other position I like to visit is on-line auction web sites like and They’ve all kinds of recent artwork to choose between and their prices does varies from one seller to another but normally, it’s beautiful cheap.

I know many new artists use ebay and other auction web sites to be able to get their up to date artwork observed by means of many people. Seeing that their artwork is still unknown, many art galleries might not be prepared to put their artwork pieces on sale of their galleries.

Alternatively, I do advise caution on on-line art auction websites when you consider that there are lots of fakes artwork pieces on auctions. Some dealers are truthful and acknowledged it is an imitation. Then again I introduced some contemporary art items which have been now not what the seller claims it is.

If you are a serious artwork collector or accumulate artwork for investment but shouldn’t have enough wisdom, I’d advise getting an art appraiser to help you. This is specifically so for dear contemporary artwork collections as you do not need the danger of buying a pretend art work. The additional value is price it.

The web has opened a complete new means of shopping for contemporary art, letting other folks make a choice and examine quite a lot of latest artwork assortment from other artists, new or well-known within the comfort of their homes. You are also able to buy recent artwork from other international locations and cultures easily. Distance and language boundaries are not a consider lately’s world.

How To Choose The Best Canvas Oil Paintings

choose art

Canvas wall art is an essential part of home decorating. The right kind of artwork can set the mood. The colors and subject in a painting can make your room feel more relaxed or upbeat. A gorgeous painting on a wall can be an inspiring finishing touch to a well-appointed house.

It is important the pick the right canvas so that your artwork won’t clash with the wall paint, your furnishings and the general theme of your interior decor. Decorating homes with art has gained more popularity in recent years, especially with prices becoming more affordable.

With the popularity comes the task of choosing appropriate art that will match your home and design concept. For those not schooled in interior design or art, it can be a challenge to choose the right kind of canvas for your home. These simple tips may help you pick the right artwork for your wall.

Choosing the Color – You have to decide on what colors should be present in the canvas wall art. It is important not to pick a painting with a dominant color that is the same as your wall paint. You will need to create contrast between your wall and the artwork to make the painting stand out.

Pick a painting that contains more of the complimenting secondary colors found in your room such as the color on your upholstery or area rug. Verify these optional shades compliment the predominant colors in the room as well. Keep in mind that warm shades make individuals feel playful while cool colors make individuals feel loose.

Subject in the Painting – Make beyond any doubt you get a painting with a proper subject that matches the motivation behind the room you’re enriching. On the off chance that you are brightening a lounge area with craftsmanship, pick artistic creations that portray things identified with feasting and consuming, for example, tree grown foods, sustenance, or a boutique scene. For a young lady’s room, hang some bloom canvas. A painting of vineyards and wine will match the little bar in your lair. Wine canvas are likewise fitting for fine eating restaurants or a pub. A scene painting will look suitable in a front room. On the off chance that you are going to hang a little painting in a lavatory, pick craftsmanship that portrays water like a little seascape painting. Matching Style – If you are wanting to embellish the dividers of a cutting edge home, a dynamic canvas divider symbolization may be suitable. There are likewise exceptionally straightforward yet alluring theoretical painted creations for moderate houses. On the off chance that you live in a contemporary house, pick contemporary and easy depictions. It would look clever on the off chance that you hang a painting of a beacon and sea in an Asian enlivened home. There are Asian canvases as well in the event that you need to finish the Asian look of your home inner parts. An authenticity or impressionist painting would look fitting in a customarily beautified home. Fitting Size – You ought to likewise pick a painted creation that fits the measure of your divider. Make some offset by verifying your painted creation is not excessively huge or excessively little for your divider space and the extent of the room. A small painting on a tremendous divider in an extensive room will gaze out-of-spot. Only on the grounds that you have a huge vacant divider, you can’t simply hang an over-sized painting as well. Verify the room additionally has enough space to oblige extensive compositions. The viewer will likewise need to move back a few feet to increase in value over-sized canvas divider craft. Whatever you settle on, it is paramount that you like the painting you are going to purchase. Getting fine art simply on the grounds that they match superbly with your surroundings is insufficient defense your buy. If you feel an attraction to a painting, then it is probably going to make you very happy for a long time. Choose a painting that you love looking at and also goes well with your home interiors.

Recent Art Movements

Since the modern art movement has begun, there have been several sub movements within that category of art. It has been over 100 years since the dawn of modern art and the scene is constantly changing and art has changed with the times.

One of the most famous forms of art and the start of modern art is impressionism. This form of painting started in France at the end of the 19th century as artists sought to capture color and light rather than form and perfection. This is the reason that many impressionist paintings are of outdoor scenes or of vibrant subjects. It’s typical for this type of painting to not have borders or clearly defined lines. Up close, this type of painting might not makes sense – from afar, you can really take it in.

Post impressionism movement isn’t necessarily a movement but more a collection of artists seeking to define their own style. For example, Seurat painted impressionist paintings using no brush strokes, only dots.

Fauvism, from the beginning of the 20th century, is impressionist paintings with exaggerated colors and over simplified lines. The purpose is said to be that the artists feelings are more important that the actual subject of the painting. And, at times, these paintings look amateur but they are painted by a master.

Expressionism is all about expression while still embodying impressionism. In these paintings, you will find emotion and spiritual  portrayals of the world.

The abstract art movement is the art of abstraction. In art, this means that something is withdrawn in order to consider is as something different. To a painter, this means that the shape, tone, pattern, form, or lines are withdrawn from the subjects.

Cubism started around 1907 with Picasso and Braque. Coming from abstract art, this form of art shows you many points of view at the same time. This form of art is meant to show the energy that the subject may be showing but it’s only possible to effectively show that by showing all of it.

Modern Art

Art changes every second of every day and there are so many different kinds of art. Our favorite is Modern Art .

Modern Art encompasses so many artistic works as early as 1800s to the 1970s, which denotes the style of the era. Modern Art has become a form of expression for the artists on how they see the world. Modern Art is usually associated with past traditions that hadn’t been used and are now due to experimentation.

Modern Artists play around with different ways and fresh ideas about nature and new resources that use the functions of the art. Like other art works as Contemporary and Postmodern Art these are very different then what you’ll see in an Modern Art museum.

Modern Art started with the art works of Paul Cezanne, George Seurat and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec all of which were very important to the start of of the modern art culture. As time went on and moving forward into the early 20th century, in came the artists  Vincent van Gogh, Maurice de Vlaminck – taking Paris by storm with their extreme colors and wonderful landscapes and the finger paintings that were called “Fauvism”.

Art work like “The Blooming Plum tree”, Courtesan, Portrait of Pere Tanguy by Vincent van Gogh are revolutionary to the world and what it stands for today to see the amazing pieces of the work then and now.

There are some pieces of art where if you stand back you will be mesmerized by its color, strokes, and even its amazing detail in the art. As time goes by and years pass, the art changes and then you notice a difference in the type of people now paying attention to different types of art, which is a great thing. Modern Art is important to keep around with out it there would be a lot of history missing today because Modern Art is history and every piece is tells a story.

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