How to frame your art!

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How To Frame Art
However good a particular art can be, if it is not framed then it will surely be lacking something very good. Framing art gives it that extra taste which make the art more adorable and attractive to not just the artist but also to other people viewing it. It is therefore important as an artist to know on the best way and steps that can help you frame your art. This is why i will take you through these steps and show you how framing of art can be done.
Step 1. Find a frame in which your art will fit. You will have to measure the dimensions of your artwork then go searching for the right size of the frame that will perfectly fit without the art being tampered with. You will not just look for a fitting art but you should also look for a frame that will match the art well in terms of design and the color of the frame.

Step 2. Take your art and pair it with a mat that is composed of another material which should be acid free. This material mainly serves the purpose of preventing the art from coming into direct contact with the glass. You are advised to select a material of good texture and color and not necessarily white color. You should be careful to select a texture and color that will help your artwork standout without interfering with it because e.g some textures can make your art appear faded while others will help the art be more attractive.

Step 3. Attach the artwork to the frame and place the glass on top of the frame. Hold the art in place with use of an acid free type of tape and then tape the artwork on the back of the mat gently. It is not a must you use glass because some arts containing e.g charcoal when framed behind glass they are affected by static electricity. Therefore you can also use an acrylic surface.

Step 4. In this step you just simply you attach the glass on top of the frame you have chosen and then you take the art that you have just matted in step 3 then place it behind the frame.

Step 5. This is the final step where you are just sealing the artwork at the back with a backboard which just like the tape, it should be acid free. The backboard could also have tabs which will further help to hold the back of mat in place.

With these steps you should therefore be in a position to do your framing well and so you can make your artworks look more attractive. Try it and you will be impressed by the results.

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